Responsible for
environment and community

Fast Charging station

for electric vehicles

Starting April 2022, a 50 kW electric charging station was placed in the Moldova Center parking lot. It is a fast charging station, which allows a much shorter waiting time.

Thus, Moldova Center meets the needs of customers who want to solve the problem of charging electric cars in the city center, gaining time that they can use for geting lunch, doing various purchases or for other activities in the area. The station is included in the Eon Drive platform and can be easily identified here: It is also easily found in the general platform

It is possible to charge two electric vehicles at the same time, with a power of 50 kW DC, respectively 22 kW AC. Charging up to 80% of the battery level takes, in continuous current, approximately 25 minutes, depending on the model and specifications of the car. The types of connectors available at the charging station are: CHAdeMO – 50 kW, CCS/SAE – 50 kW and Type 2 – 22 kW. Refueling can be done at any time, the Moldova Center parking lot being open 24/7.

The placement of a first electric charging station is part of the building's sustainable development strategy, with attention to the environment.

High-performance photovoltaic


The installation of over 200 photovoltaic panels, a system with an installed power of 118 kWp on the Moldova Center building, represents an ambitious project, which involved the use of the maximum available surface from the technical level of the building.

By its completion, the building will emit 68 tons of carbon dioxide less/year.

The project allows the supply of solar energy and even the redirection of the surplus in the national grid, in prosumer mode, if necessary.

The continuous concern of Moldova Center is to find solutions to reduce electricity costs, reduce the carbon footprint and increase energy efficiency.

In the next period, options will be sought for other areas that can support photovoltaic panel projects, so as to increase the percentage of green energy used.

minute pana la a încarcă bateria pana la 80%
- 10
tone de dioxid de carbon/an
locuri acoperite pentru biciclete

"Green" urban mobility

In the current period, topics such as green energy, sustainability or balanced utilization of energy resources are important aspects that refer to individual health and the future of the society we are part of.

One of the ways in which you can contribute to keeping cities cleaner is the adoption of cycling as a means of transport used on a large scale.

In recent years, the multiple benefits of cycling have been confirmed. Thus, starting from aspects related to health (improvement of muscle tone, weight loss, better mood) to those related to the environment (reduction of carbon emissions) and even to economic advantages (less money spent on transport), cycling can bring communities closer together and strengthen social relationships.

MOLDOVA CENTER encourages "green" mobility, both for tenants in the office area and for retail customers.

In this sense, new covered racks for bicycles have been added in the Moldova Center parking lots, now reaching a total number of approximately 90 free bicycle spaces.

As part of the package to encourage the use of bicycles to come to work, in the basement area of the building, hygienic and strictly cleaned changing rooms and showers are made available to the employees of the building.

Breeam Very Good certification

BREEAM is a method of evaluating the ecological performance of buildings. It is the most used method for evaluating the impact of buildings on the environment. BREEAM represents a standard for sustainable design and has become the main tool for evaluating the ecological performance of a building, being applicable to both existing and new buildings.

Moldova Center, the class A office building, which holds the BREEAM Very Good sustainability certificate, is among the top "green" buildings in Romania.

The structure of the building, the spacious floors - over 2,300 square meters per floor, as well as the latest technology equipment, redefine the concept of working space and allow any type of arrangement, which captures the essence of each individual tenant. Carefully executed to the smallest detail, Moldova Center is an "intelligent" building that meets people's expectations and provides them with the highest level of comfort. In addition, special attention was paid to improving the technical specifications and energy efficiency of the building. Today, Moldova Center is recognized as one of the exponential class A office building outside Bucharest, as well as a benchmark for sustainable development.


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