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Moldova Center's concept focuses on sustainability, so we can offer our tenants the best performance at the lowest cost.

Atingerea standardului Breeam “Very Good” presupune realizarea unor punctaje ridicate in privinta managementului cladirii, al aspectelor legate de sanatate, energie, transport, apa, materiale utilizate, al modului de colectare a deseurilor si a materialelor poluante.

  • Spatiul total destinat inchirierii de birouri din Moldova Center masoara aproximativ 14.000 mp si pune accent pe eficienta si flexibilitate.
  • Sistemul de iluminare economic cu LED ajuta la minimizarea pretului pentru inchirierea birourilor si a spatiilor comerciale in Moldova Center Iasi si contribuie la o abordare prietenoasa a mediului inconjurator.
  • All levels receive natural light and there is the possibility to rent a whole floor of the office building in Iasi.
  • Office spaces are accessible independently using our exclusive elevators.
  • Customers and tenants of the have 230 free parking spaces and 80 bicycle seats.
  • Our Commercial spaces and offices have a centralized and automated management system, air conditioning, ventilation, fire and server rooms.